A subscription for the finest plug‑ins ever made.

Over 30 of our best UAD plug‑ins for a low monthly price ‑ no UA hardware required.

An Evolving

Get exclusive new instruments and tools with our ever‑expanding library.


UAD Spark plug‑ins run on macOS and Windows. No UA hardware required.

UA Sound

Give your recordings the pro analog tones heard on your favorite albums.

Included Plug‑Ins and Instruments

UAD Spark plug-ins perfectly model the best vintage gear and instruments used by your favorite artists for decades.


All compressors are not the same. Each one has a unique personality and tone. Our compressors perfectly emulate classic studio units, giving your music professional punch.

Preamps, EQs & Channel Strips

Studio pros use analog mic preamps and EQs, to warm up their tracks and give them character. Explore the world's best analog brands below, exclusively on UAD.

UAD Instruments

Great instruments inspire great music. UA's expertise in modeling, sampling, and synthesis give our virtual instruments the realism to inspire your next masterpiece.

Reverbs, Delays & Modulation

Time‑based effects can make or break your tracks. Our reverb, delay, and modulation plug‑ins are the standard by which all others are judged, giving you timeless dimension and space.

Magnetic Tape

UA wrote the book on authentic tape emulations. Add punch, warmth, and cohesion with the musical, mixable sound of tape.

*All trademarks are property of their respective owners, and used only to represent the instruments modeled as part of UAD Spark.


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